The Fan Experts


December 2016 : Mumbai

Participation at INDIA ITME 2016 : December 3-8, 2016

The largest textile machinery show is currently underway and over 10000 footfalls the first two days.

The USP of FEFI is its unerring focus on optimising energy consumption in fan systems. The key element in this process is proper fan selection. The design of the fan can affect efficiency and power requirements significantly and hence fans companies like FEFI have trained personnel who put their vast experience to work while selecting the best fan and operating point to optimize reliability and power usage.

At their Booth H1 L4, FEFI are showing a Direct Drive Axial Fan. The model on display is EF 905 and is used for the conveyance of clean, dusty or humid air. These axial fans are suitable for all applications that entail moving substantial volumes of air at low pressures. These fans are available with both aluminium hub and steel hub in sizes going upto 1800 mm .

The Roof Extractor Fan ET 635 with a cowl for protection from rain is also exhibited and provides superior ventilation in buildings that house processing machinery.

Also on display will be the superior construction quality of the range used in the textile industry. These include centrifugal fan series for material handling : KA 711 which is used for the pneumatic conveyance of really dusty air with high amount of solid particles suspended in the air as also the highly efficient, backward curved FR 351 that is suitable for conveying clean or light dusty air.


August 2016 : Bengaluru

Participation at GRAINTECH : August 26-28, 2016

A second year running at Graintech. Following a bountiful monsoon, a fresh new opportunity for value additions to agricultural produce.

The fans displayed were FG 901 N4A RD0 suitable for conditioning, suction, drying system, pressurizing, pneumatic conveyance and forced draughts, EF 905 /H 4A/B 160 A23 used in heat exchanger, transformer, cooling towers, food and ceramic drying systems and FE 561 N4A LG0 also suitable for conditioning, suction, drying system, pressurizing, pneumatic conveyance and forced draughts.

August 2015 : Bengaluru

Participation at GRAINTECH : August 21-23, 2015

This is the first time FEFI presented their products at India’s biggest show for the food and grain industry.

The fans displayed were FG 711 for pneumatic conveying, FE 561 high pressure for pneumatic conveying and FR 351 for cleaning, aspiration and sorting


February 2015 : Bengaluru

Participation at ACREX : February 26-28,2015

This is the first time FEFI presented their products at the leading HVAC exhibition in India. The roof extractor and double inlet fans attracted interest from all visitors and industry persons marveling at the design and construction qualities on display.

The fans displayed were DFR 631 , FR 351 and ET 639 models.


January 2015 : Mumbai

Showcasing products at GTTES : January 20-22,2015 under aegis of Eastern Engineering Company

The show, inaugurated by Mr Vishwajit Sahay, Joint Secretary, Department of Heavy Industry, Government of India was a good opportunity to showcase energy saving fans and highlight their role in reducing power consumption of textile mills.  Fans displayed were KB 451 for material handling and FE 561 high pressure fans.