In your environment. And in ours.

Ferrari Eastern Fans India Private Limited was set up in 2012 and the plant in Bengaluru is a collaboration that combines the unique strengths of Ferrari  and Eastern  and the synergies have resulted in establishing a source of high quality , energy efficient industrial fans for multiple segments of the manufacturing sector.

Running energy efficient production processes is a key requirement for businesses. For optimal savings and performance, a systems based approach is useful in seeking energy saving opportunities in the plant.

The USP of FEFI is its unerring focus on optimising energy consumption in fan systems. The key element in this process is proper fan selection. The design of the fan can affect efficiency and power requirements significantly and hence fans companies like FEFI have trained personnel who put their vast experience to work while selecting the best fan and operating point to optimise reliability and power usage.

As Indian industry expands its global footprint, its need for cutting edge quality in products and processes will be met by companies like FEFI that blend the best of European design and construction with Indian innovation and service.

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