The capital goods industry forms an important customer base and our references in this segment reflect the robust construction of our fans as they are selected by OE suppliers of combustion equipment, burners, furnaces, fume extraction, plant ventilation and dust collection systems that regulate the flow of air in plants that produce industrial equipment. Industrial Fans and Blowers are used for Kilns, Fumes Treatment, Dedusting, Furnaces. I.D. Fans (Induced Draft Fans) and F.D. (Force Draft Fans).

Induced Draft Fans : A proper abatement plant is necessary to clean furnace fumes before the emission in the atmosphere. ID fan plays crucial role in removing fumes. The kind of fumes and gas may vary according to the process and different kilns may have different atmospheres too. It may be a typical employ with bag filters, electrostatic precipitators and chimney (smoke outlet).

Forced Draft Fans : Not only induced draft fans, but a wide range of fans and blowers specific to supply combustion air to the furnace’s kiln. They are employed for the combustion process and they handle room-temperature air from the atmosphere, creating a positive pressure for the burners. It is right for tunnel kilns and shuttle kilns applications.

Drying and Other Processes : Industrial fans for low pressure air flow with high energy efficiency, suitable for the regulation of the product humidity level to guarantee the perfect desiccation. Applications on rapid dryers, continuous dryers, static dryers. For this process industrial fans direct air on the manufactured products to obtain uniformity of the drying process. Exhaust fans remove the excess of humidity in the dryer system.

Primary fans are used for the provision and maintenance of air necessary for the correct combustion of the incinerators. They are of high pressure type. Fans are also used as ID fans, secondary air fans

Reliability and resistance are basic requirements for the fans used in this sector, given the continuity of the production cycles. Likewise, electric motors are in turn subject to intense functioning and must offer the utmost guarantee of duration over time, since the plants are often situated in remote locations and hard to reach.

Centrifugal/Axial Fans series for Burners, Furnace industry

Fan series Max. Flow ( cmh) Max. Pressure (mWC) Applications
ART 226800 1100  Air flow drying, cooling,
FE,FG,FQ 28800 2100  Steam conveying, exhausting
DFR 648000 400  Air flow drying,steam  conveying,exhausting.
FR 396000 390 Exhausting,cooling.


144000 1830 Steam conveying,  Finishing, exhausting
K,KA,KB,KC 19800 1800 Transportation of raw materials and finished products.
MEC 234000 560 Dust removal, drying, exhausting
ES/H,Ef/H 126000 150  Ventilation, conditioning,cooling   processes, Drying system
EQ 34200 18  Exhaust Ventilation
  • VCM 801