The glass industry comprises a wide range of products which determine production processes. From the selection of raw materials and recycling, through the melting and moulding stages, to tempering, different processes and production methods are implemented many of which require fans.


Casting, cooling and tempering :  Gas-fired furnaces require a continuous supply of combustion air for the furnace’s kiln during moulding. Industrial fans are employed for the combustion process and they handle room-temperature air creating a positive pressure for the burner (kiln). After thermal heating (furnace) the glass is tempered through a quick cooling. The quantity and required air pressure depends on the thickness. Industrial fans provide a specific cold air flow uniformly blown to cool and temper.

Pneumatic conveying, charging of raw materials and vacuum systems are other processes that need fans.

Centrifugal Fans series for Glass industry

Fan series Max. Flow ( cmh) Max. Pressure (mWC) Applications
FC 7200 1850 Pneumatic conveying, combustion
ART 226800 1100 Fume extraction, moulding, tempering.
FE,FG,FQ 28800 2100 Tempering, moulding, exhaust


144000 1830  Air cleaning, tempering, fume   extraction
FR 396000 390 Tempering, moulding, exhaust



144000 1830  Air cleaning, tempering, fume  extraction
DFR 648000 400 Charging of raw material, tempering
MEC 234000 560   Moulding, tempering