The food processing industry forms a key customer base and and our references in this segment reflect the robust construction of our fans as they are selected by OE suppliers as well as end users for whom the quality of our fans make the investment thereon worthwhile. Food processing industry allows us to recommend solutions to meet the specific aspiration or air handling or process related requirements. Reliability and resistance are basic requirements for the fans used in this sector, given the continuity of the production cycles.

Processing : One of most wide spread used of industrial fans is cooking fumes suction. They can be applied directly on ovens or in complete filtration systems. In some cases hot air temperature and the presence of not very clean air with oxidative elements must be taken into consideration for the right choice of the most appropriate model of fan. Fans are also needed in drying, dehydrating and aging techniques of food processing.

 Grain Dryers :  Industrial fans for low pressure air flow with high energy efficiency find application for the regulation of the product humidity level as part of conditioning treatment to  improve the extraction rate of flour. Industrial fans are widely used with continuous flow dryers for grains and oleaginous seeds. In this application industrial fans direct air on the manufactured product to obtain uniformity of the drying process.

Grain and Rice Milling : The grinding phase has the greatest importance in the cereals processing chain, producing flours for human and animal nutrition, by handling residual products and producing derivatives. Many manufacturing processes for food industry use fans for pneumatic conveying to transport raw materials, grains, sugar, flour, powders or granular materials. Storages and silos that need humidity and temperature control require fans too. At the end of the production processes, high pressure fans and blowers work with airslides and they may provide the vacuum for the packaging. Fan are also needed for sugar and malt production processes. In grain production plants, vacuum systems for mechanical draught are needed for transportation of raw materials and finished products. High pressure fans are mandatory for mechanical draught and pneumatic conveying of grains and wheat in feed mills.



Centrifugal/Axial Fans series for Food Process industry

Fan series Max. Flow ( cmh) Max. Pressure (mWC) Applications
ART 226800 1100 Polluted air, Burr,Grinding suction, Granulate handling,Powder handling
FE,FG, FQ 28800 2100      Dehydration, Ventilation, Drying
MEC 234000 560 Flour and powder handling, Grinding suction, Granulate handling.
VCM 144000 1830 Grinding suction, Granulate handling, Flour and powder handling.
K,KA,KB, KC 19800 1800 Transportation of raw materials and finished products.
ES/H,EF/H 126000 150 Ventilation, cooling, conditioning, drying, dessication