FEFI can offer a range of centrifugal, axial and plug fans for industrial application. The fans are arranged by Series

Ventilation systems have generally used a closed loop type of control: a method guaranteeing fast response times and dependable precision. However ,we can now offer a way of improving performance with a new control system that makes no use of sensors. A system where the inverter control is no longer provided by a signal-processing software function, but by a program that performs a calculation based on previously memorized pressure and flow rate values. Accordingly, this simplified method ensures lower costs – by eliminating sensors and their associated circuits – and improved reliability as a result of using fewer components. With the new method, a constant flow rate is maintained automatically in response to changing conditions in the system: this means that energy is saved, since pressure losses attributable to physical regulating components are eliminated.

The new system is especially suitable for high pressure series (FA, FC, FE and FG positive blade; FC and FN negative blade) and FS, KA, KB and KM series of centrifugal fans.

Axial Fans  are available with both aluminium hub and steel hub in sizes going upto 1800 mm . The motorised Roof Extractor Fan provides superior ventilation in buildings that house processing machinery and display the superior construction quality of the range.

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