The FAN MANAGEMENT PLAN (FMP) offered by FEFI has been carefully developed to provide a superior level of service and reliability. The customer benefits from our fundamental understanding of fans developed during the design and construction phase. It is our endeavour to increase industrial productivity and lower environmental impact in a sustainable way.
Together with our product experts we can check installations in order to identify possible problems and propose corrective actions. This is best observed in case studies that are annexed to this document.

The aim of FMP is to reduce disturbances and downtime. A successful preventative maintenance programme creates equipment history which helps justify retrofits, spare parts purchases and avoids unplanned stops.

FMP is valid from start-up and is in addition to the warranty which is part of fan supply contract.

Spare Parts

Robust data management has helped us plan an inventory that meets critical spare parts needs. As technology improvements appear and retrofits become applicable, we assist customers in upgrading existing installations.
In due course an online enquiry and ordering tool will be activated on our website to help customers place an order quickly and efficiently.

FEFI offer three levels of Fan Management:

• Site Audit Module
• Predictive Maintenance Module
• Life Cycle Costs Module

The Site Audit Module consists of a performance audit of the fans installed at a plant. During a performance audit we undertake the following tests.

  1. Air volume
  2. Fan pressure
  3. Bearing condition
  4. Vibration level
  5. Noise level

Based on these tests, we provide suggestions to achieve the required performance parameters that the system was originally designed for or reduce energy consumption.  We do not undertake any change of the system design, as the same is generally within the scope of the customer or their EPC contractor and depends on the products or processes that the plant is built for.

We offer OEMs an annual service contract that includes visits to any of their customers during a warranty period to check deviations from performance or for any matters that come within the scope of supply. This is particularly helpful to those OEMs who buy only impellers from FEFI and undertake to install the same in proprietary fan housing designs. Warranties on such impellers are limited to design and performance parameters laid down by F.lli Ferrari Ventilatori Industriali SpA.

The Predictive Maintenance Module builds upon the Site Audit  Module and provides services necessary to maintain optimal operating conditions of the plant.

  1. Training of plant operators in comprehensive maintenance to ensure longer running time of the fans
  2. Up to 6 scheduled visits per year depending on the size of the plant and the number of fans installed
  3. Fast response time to indicated failures
  4. Plant visits by experienced members of Ferrari Italy team when required
  5. The total cost of materials required to undertake ordinary maintenance operations is included in the contract fee. Duration and cost to be decided based on number of fans installed.(terms and conditions apply)

The third level of the Fan Management Plan is the Life Cycle Costs Module. This builds upon the Site Audit and Predictive Maintenance services and includes:

  • Extended warranty period for FEFI built components
  • Replacement of FEFI built components if faulty or worn

The warranty extension excludes damage caused by natural events, fires, inappropriate use damage, negligence, accidental damage and other force majeure events.

The Life Cycle Costs Module  is aimed at ensuring customers realise the full value of their investment in a Ferrari Fan.

Our knowledge, experience and expertise in fan construction and operation coupled with our commitment to the Indian market makes our Fan Management Plan the best tool to optimise ownership costs.

Case Studies following some of the audits can be found in detail at this link .