The textile industry forms an important customer base and our references in this segment shows the quality of our fans make the investment thereon worthwhile.

Humidification Plant : Textile factories need optimum working temperature and humidity inside the plant for proper material processing and working performance. This requires air handling systems which need a number of fans to be installed of various capacities. In air handling or humidification system mainly axial type of fans are used. Fans are also used to dissipate the enormous amounts of heat generated by the machinery and with more electronic components and running at very high speeds, quick heat dissipation is a prime requirement.

Material Handling : The industry uses fans for various applications including drum filters and process related fans and blowers. Fans are used right from fibre opening to transport of fibres in opening line to collection of waste fibres at various stages of operation as detailed below.

Waste Collection : Fans are used in various stages to collect waste in textile spinning.

  • Waste collection of Blow room line & carding machine to filter room
  • Centralised collection of comber noil, draw frame, lapformer waste.
  • Ring frame, pneumafil waste collection & overhead travelling cleaner.
  • Autoconer
  • For floor waste collection & return air fans (axial fans).

Air Flow Drying and Steam Flow : Fans are also required in processing of grey fabrics for high temperature, pressurized steam handling, different chemicals & fluid transport etc.   Fans conveying high pressure and high temperature fluids containing the right proportions of air, water and additives guarantee a proper treatment to give to yarn or fabric volume, dimensional stability, softening and elasticity.

Centrifugal/Axial Fans series for Textile industry

Fan series Max. Flow ( cmh) Max. Pressure (mWC) Applications
ART 226800 1100 Air flow drying, cooling,
FE,FG, FQ 28800 2100 Steam conveying, Exhausting, Finishing
DFR 648000 400 Air flow drying, steam conveying, exhausting.
FR 396000 390 Exhausting, cooling.
K, ,KA,KB,KC 19800 1800 Transport of raw materials, finished products.
ES/H,EF/H 126000 150  Ventilation, conditioning, cooling, drying.
FS 131500 300  Exhausting, cooling.
VCM 144000 1830 Steam conveying, finishing, exhausting



234000 560 Dust removal, drying, humidification